DWI Attorney San Antonio Explains Consequences Of Drunk Driving

Driver impairment is not just about drunk driving; it is also about driving under the influence of drugs. These drivers are an equal hazard on our roads. Consuming too much alcohol and drugs endangers everyone on the road.

If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, it is a grave matter. If you have never been in trouble with the law, you have a million questions that no one can seem to answer. But there is someone who can answer your questions and someone who does care about your rights and freedoms. Contact http://www.DWIattorneySanAntonio.net.

You may be wondering if you even need a lawyer. Before deciding whether or not to hire a defense attorney, you might want to consider the penalties you’ll face if convicted. Without legal representation you could find yourself with jail time, probation, community service, job loss, loss of your driver’s license, insurance problems, vehicle impoundment, ignition interlock device, alcohol education/assessment/treatment and even restricted interstate or international travel.

If you think you can represent yourself, think again. DWI is one of the most complicated and ever-changing areas of law. Unless you keep up with Texas code and know the latest drunk driving law, prosecutors’ tactics and defense strategies you won’t have the best chance in court. You deserve a decent defense. And a fair defense starts with the right lawyer.

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